SafeGard 76 SMS

SafeGard® 76 SMS SafeGard® 76 SMS Protective Garments from Lakeland are well-named. They keep your people safe from numerous toxic particles and water-based liquids. No secret. It's the way they're built. SafeGard® 76 fabric consists of three layers of pliable, comfortable polypropylene. The two outer layers are made with no-nonsense, spunbonded filaments that stand up to tearing and abrasion; the inner layer is of meltblown polypropylene microfibers that filter out potentially harmful particulate matter and liquids. Breathability is the bonus; air and water vapor pass through for superior wearer comfort. SafeGard® 76 SMS is a 57 g/in2 fabric with meltblown middle layer and is rugged, triple-stitched, with serged seams to save on renting, laundering and replacing cloth garments. Not recommended for use near heat, flames or in flammable sites..
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