Hydraulic Post Hole Diggers (Please call for a quote)

Post Hole Diggers

One-Man Hydraulic Towable Post Hole Diggers

Introducing, the RICE Hydro DIRTDAWG line of one-man hydraulic towable post hole diggers. Manufactured in the good 'ole US of A, with high quality premium components, the Dirtdawg is engineered to be rugged, functional, and safe to use. Our earth auger series is available in standard, self propelled, or the new high powered torque series. RICE hydraulic post hole diggers are designed to help our customers increase profits, while reducing labor costs and liability risks.

Our hydraulic post hole diggers come complete with an integrated tow system, eliminating extra cost, and the hassle of installation to transport. Engineering the Dirt Dawg to utilize a 10" bit for up close digging, without a flip back handle helps ensure safety, structural integrity, saving you downtime and money on costly replacement parts.

A THREE YEAR FULL PRODUCT WARRANTY guarantees customer satisfaction! And the peace of mind that your Dirt Dawg will pay for itself over and over again. Please call for a quote.

Check out our NEW Hydraulic Power Kit Accessory!

It's a great addition to your DIRT DAWG Hydraulic Post Hole Digger!


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